Big Lick Vet Staff: Our Favorite Cat Products


This March, we’ve been focusing on the importance of veterinary care for our feline friends. In keeping with the focus on cats this month, we made a specially curated list of our staff’s favorite cat products. While many of the products in this blog post can be found online, we always recommend supporting small, local businesses, so if you can find them locally, we encourage you to do so! Check out some of our favorite local pet stores and some of our favorite cat products below!

Our Favorite Local Stores:

Nature’s Emporium (Shop Now)

Unleashed Dog Bakery & Boutique LLC (Shop Now)

Exotics & Aquatics (Shop Now)

Staff Favorite Cat Products:

Kim – Ripple Rug (Shop Now)

I just recently bought this for my three cats and as simple as it seems, they really love it! I think you could even make one yourself for next to nothing if you’re into DIY, which I might try one of these days. I think this is especially fun if you have multiple cats who can play in it together. They can lay on top or get underneath and stick their head or paws out of each hole for interactive playtime.

Emma – Outdoor Heated Cat House  (Shop Now)

We got this for our indoor/outdoor cat Tigger around Christmas time when it was starting to get chilly outside and he loves it. It also gives me peace of mind knowing he has a warm, safe space to go to get out of the elements or away from other animals.

Jess – PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Deterrent (Shop Now)

This is the best kind of deterrent for cats on countertops and such in my opinion. I find it to be a much better option than shock mats and easier than laying out aluminum foil or lint roller sheets across your countertop while you wait for your cat to learn not to hop up on the countertops. It’s both owner ANd pet friendly, which is always the best kind of product! better than shock mats and easier than aluminum foil or lint roller sheets laid out.

Jess – Gorilla Grip Cat Litter Trapper Mat (Shop Now)

This is the best litter trapping mat in my opinion and I’ve tried quite a few! It traps loose litter really well and makes it easy to dump the excess litter it traps.

Amanda – The Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser (Shop Now)

Pura is a smart (Bluetooth) scent diffuser and nightlight to help get rid of all the stinky pet odors. You pick your oil fragrances and can select the level of scent from 1-10 you want diffused in your space using the app. You can also hit pause on the app to temporarily stop diffusing if you are away on a trip or want windows open.

Lyndsey – Automatic Interactive Cat Laser Toy (Shop Now)

My youngest cat loves her automatic laser pointer. It keeps her entertained and funnily enough, the dogs actually love it too!