Canine Flu – Now is the Time to Vaccinate


Dog Flu (Canine influenza) is an emerging threat to all dogs. Canine influenza is a relatively new disease commonly referred to as “dog flu.” and can be caused by two different canine influenza viruses. Just like human flu is among humans, canine influenza is highly contagious among dogs. In fact, unless a dog has already had the illness and recovered, almost every dog exposed to the virus will become infected. Two different strains of canine influenza virus have been isolated in the US. Canine influenza virus H3N8 was first reported in 2003, and canine influenza virus H3N2 emerged in March 2015. These strains are not related. Therefore, dogs at risk should be vaccinated against both strains. Dogs that are most at risk are those that go to boarding/doggie daycares, groomers, dog parks or if they regularly come into contact with other dogs. For more information please call our clinic.