Canine Influenza


We have recently received information from the NC Veterinary Medical Association about a potentially serious outbreak of a highly contagious (80% infection rate) respiratory disease termed canine influenza.

As a death has been confirmed by Rollins Diagnostic Laboratories in Raleigh, we are strongly recommending all pets with exposure, which include but are not limited to boarding facilities, day camps, grooming facilities, and dog parks, to receive the vaccine ASAP. Please see the website at the bottom on this e-mail for more detailed information on canine influenza.

Here are the details for getting this important protection for your pets:
-The vaccine requires 2 immunizations 2 weeks apart
-The vaccine may not provide 100% protection, but will lessen the severity and duration of symptoms
-The vaccine will not protect against other causes of upper respiratory infections which can cause similar respiratory symptoms

The manufacturer has offered a ONE TIME ONLY discount of $45 total for both injections of this vaccine for the first 100 patients in our clinic, which we will pass on to our clients. In order to take advantage of this discount, please call our office at (540) 776-0700 to make your appointment for your dog to receive this two dose vaccine series. After we have gone through the first 100 pets, the price for this vaccine will be the normal $70 (2 doses). Due to the serious nature of this infection and the number of dogs we anticipate vaccinating, as long as your pet is healthy and is a current patient, we will be waiving the exam fee.

For more information on canine influenza, please visit the following website: