DNA Testing for Dogs


The Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis

If you have a mixed breed dog and have ever wondered exactly what type of dog you have, then you’re in luck because doggy DNA Testing is officially a thing! Here at Big Lick Vet, we offer a test from Royal Canin called the Genetic Health Analysis or GHA.  Royal Canin has been manufacturing and supplying dog and cat food for 50 years and they also do abundant research into the formulation and testing of breed and symptom specific nutritional requirements of dogs and cats.

Because of their extensive knowledge about the specific needs of certain breeds of dogs, expanding into DNA testing was an obvious next step. Their Genetic Health Analysis stands apart from some of the others currently on the market because while you get to learn about all of the fun stuff, like your dog’s breed and estimated adult weight and size, the GHA also tests for more than 130 genetic mutations, incuding MDR1 for drug sensitivity

  The holidays are right around the corner and this DNA Test makes for a great gift for any and all dog-lovers in your life and even for your own dog! To learn more about the Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis, continue reading or visit this link. If you have any questions about the test or if you would like to schedule an appointment for your dog’s blood to be drawn for the test, please call our office at 540-776-0700.

How It Works:

1. The staff at Big Lick Vet draws a small, painless blood sample. We activate the test online and mail the sample to the lab.

2. The sample arrives at Royal Canin’s lab, where it is processed and analyzed.

3. After 2-3 weeks, a report is sent here to Big Lick Vet.

4. You, the owner, will also receive a report and depending on the results, will have the option to meet with your veterinarian and decide together on a health and wellness plan for your dog.

The Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis will:

1. Determine the breeds that make up your dog, comparing your dog’s DNA to the unique genetic signatures of more than 250 breeds, types and varieties of dogs.

2. Help create a proactive plan for your dog’s health care with more than 130 genetic mutation tests including MDR1 for drug sensitivity.

3. Predict your dog’s likely adult weight and size, providing a benchmark you can use to ensure your dog stays at a healthy weight.

4. Offer precise nutritional guidelines and feeding recommendations based on your dog’s breed make-up.

You can view a sample report and learn more about the Genetic Health Analysis at Royal Canin’s website!