Imuquin and Mycequin – Two New Supplements For Immune Support


We’re excited to inform our clients that we are now carrying two new supplements for our patients! The first, Imuquin, is an immune health supplement that provides immune support for dogs and cats. The second, Mycequin, is a targeted probiotic that supports immune function of the GI tract while an animal is taking antibiotics. Learn more about each of these supplements below!


The first is an immune health supplement called Imuquin that is formulated to provide immune support. A pet’s immune system is a complex interaction of organs, cells, and molecules that work together as a defense against a challenging environment. Imuquin is a unique blend of ingredients that functions to support the immune health of dogs. These ingredients include beta-glucan, marine lipids, and a mix of vitamins and minerals.

Beta-glucan helps maintain a normal immune system, preparing it for possible challenges. In one study, dogs were given the beta-glucan found in Imuquin™ for 21 days. There was an increase in T cells (the body’s main defense) on day 21, which showed immune support. DHA and EPA are a type of high potency omega fatty acid and are important for the maintenance of numerous organ and tissue functions, including immunity. Imuquin also contains several vitamins and minerals that help the immune system function effectively.

When would you use Imuquin?
-Puppies & Kittens: During the formative first six months of a puppy or kitten’s life, there are numerous opportunities for the immune system to function suboptimally.

-Stress: Stress suppresses a pet’s immune system. Pets can experience physical or psychological stress from a variety of causes such as travel, boarding, or medical treatments. Stress is also commonly experienced by show dogs, performance athletes, and hunting and working dogs.

-Aging: Older pets typically experience a natural decline in immune health. Sometimes pets need help to manage through these challenges.


The second is a targeted probiotic for dogs called Mycequin. Mycequin contains a proprietary blend of Saccharomyces boulardii and beta glucan. S. Boulardii is a type of yeast that helps maintain a healthy intestinal balance and beta glucan helps support the immune function of the gastrointestinal tract.

A targeted probiotic is one that has been formulated based on research in the target species showing the efficacy of the ingredients during specific situations for a specific purpose. Bacteria-based probiotics have the potential to be compromised if given at the same time as an antibiotic. Because Mycequin contains yeast instead of bacteria, there is no need to wait between antibiotic administration and Mycequin administration.

When would you use Mycequin?
Antibiotic usage is a common cause of microbiome imbalance, which can lead to GI issues. Giving a probiotic when giving antibiotics can help support a healthy intestinal balance. Mycequin can be given concurrently with antibiotics. It contains beta-glucans to support the immune function of the GI tract. It helps support healthy intestinal balance and also supports normal stool frequency and consistency.

If you have questions about either of these supplements and/or would like to try them for your pet, please call our office at 540-776-0700.