Instant Rebates Are Here!


Bravecto and Sentinel Instant Rebates Are Here!
We’re excited to announce that mail-in rebates are a thing of the past! We can now apply rebates instantly to your invoice when you purchase Bravecto and/or Sentinel for an immediate discount!


2 Doses = $10 Off
4 Doses = $25 Off


6 Doses = $5 Off
12 Doses = $20 Off

To qualify for a rebate on Bravecto or Sentinel, all doses must be of the same product and size, for the same pet and purchased on the same invoice date to qualify for a rebate.

At this time, we can only apply instant rebates for Bravecto and Sentinel but we’ll keep you updated if we’re able to apply instant rebates for other products in the future.

If you would like to order Bravecto and/or Sentinel for your pet, you can call (540) 776-0700, text (540) 739-2013, or email us!