Is Your Senior Dog Suffering From Brain Aging? Senilife Could Help!


What is brain aging in dogs?

Like humans, dogs develop age-related physiological deficiencies such as heart or kidney disease, arthritis, hearing, and vision loss. The brain, as with many other organs, also declines with age. This can impact your dog’s level of function and impair quality of life.

Brain aging is identifiable

The signs of age-related cognitive impairment can be subtle, but brain aging is a progressive process and the signs are likely to worsen with time. You can help your dog live a long, healthy life by paying attention to behavior changes and reporting these changes to your veterinarian as early as possible.

Help for brain aging

By knowing and identifying the signs of brain aging in their early stages, you can uphold your dog’s quality of life. And, by using Senilife, you can help slow the behavior problems related to aging.

While every dog is different, a number of signs associated with brain aging can be observed at home. Monitoring your dog for these signs and symptoms and consulting with your veterinarian on a regular basis to identify more subtle signs are both important steps in making sure your dog’s golden years are happy years.

Does your dog show any of these signs?

If so, then your dog could benefit from Senilife, which may help reduce the symptoms that can disrupt the human-animal bond. If you notice any changes in your dog’s behavior, no matter how subtle, talk with your veterinarian and learn more about how Senilife may help slow behavior problems related to aging.

What Is Senilife?

Senilife is a supplement containing a unique blend of antioxidants — phosphatidylserine, pyridoxine, ginko biloba extract, resveratrol and d-alpha-tocopherol — which work together to help reduce brain-aging behaviors in as little as 7 days.

Protect Your Dog

Aging is a natural progression of life, but thanks to Senilife you can help your dog’s golden years to be happy years. Senilife is an innovative product that helps reduce behavior changes related to aging.

When should Senilife be administered?

You should start administering Senilife as your dog enters the senior stage of life. The guide below shows the optimal age for your dog to start Senilife, based on weight:
Is Your Senior Dog Suffering From Brain Aging Senilife Could Help!

Ask us about Senilife for your senior dog.

We know how important the human-animal bond is and how difficult it can be for dog owners when their senior dog’s behavior changes or they start to disconnect. We’d love to talk to you about Senilife and how it could benefit your pet. In our clinical experience, we have seen significant improvement in cognitive decline in many of our patients. Call 540-776-0700 to talk to our staff about Senilife for your pet!