New Purina Diet Could Be A Game Changer For People With Allergies To Cats


We have some exciting news for cat lovers who are allergic to cats! After decades of research, Purina has developed a revolutionary new cat food called LiveClear, a proactive and scientifically proven approach that can safely neutralize the primary cat allergen at its source in cat saliva. LiveClear significantly reduces allergens in cat hair and dander by an average of 47% starting in the third week of daily feeding.

Allergies to cats are one of the most common allergies among individuals. Globally, 1 in 5 adults is sensitized to cat allergens. Allergen sensitivities are a barrier to cat adoption and ownership and cats also suffer the consequences when people are sensitive to cat allergens. In fact, allergies to cats are cited as a common reason why cats are relinquished to shelters.
‘Fel d 1’ is a protein primarily produced in the salivary and sebaceous glands of cats and is transferred to cat hair and skin during grooming and eventually, into the environment via hair and dander. It is the primary allergen causing responses in up to 95% of cat allergen-sensitive people. All cats produce ‘Fel d 1’, irrespective of age, breed, sex, hair length, or color. Contrary to popular belief there are no truly hypoallergenic cats. That’s right – even hairless breeds like Cornish Rex and Sphinx produce ‘Fel d 1’.

After decades of research, Purina scientists have demonstrated that reducing the levels of active ‘Fel d 1’ in a cat’s saliva and hair can reduce the amount of ‘Fel d 1’ shed into the environment on hair and dander, thereby reducing the total allergen load. That is the science behind their upcoming food LiveClear! When cats eat Pro Plan LiveClear, a key protein sourced from egg binds to the ‘Fel d 1’ and neutralizes it and when fed daily, LiveClear significantly reduces the allergens in cat hair and dander.

Based on the principles of allergen load reduction, complete elimination of ‘Fel d’ production is not necessary. LiveClear does not neutralize 100% of the cat’s ‘Fel d 1’. In essence, it converts cats with moderate and high levels of active ‘Fel d 1’ to cats with low or moderate levels of ‘Fel d 1’. This innovative and efficacious approach has been shown to be safe for cats, which we know is an important factor for pet parents deciding whether LiveClear is right for their cat.

Many cat owners will go to great lengths to keep their cats in the home despite being sensitive to allergens, even compromising their own health to keep their cat. Putting their own cat’s health and well-being at risk is not an option and that’s why it’s so important that LiveClear has no negative effects on the cats that are fed the diet.

LiveClear is formulated to be fed to your cat every day for optimal benefit and while it should remain the primary diet, providing occasional wet cat food or treats is acceptable. Purina also recommends LiveClear be fed to adult cats “free choice” – meaning it should always be available and not fed as just a single feeding at mealtime.

We’re excited about how this revolutionary new diet from Purina will positively affect pet owners with allergens to cats and strengthen the human-animal bond. Purina Pro Plan LiveClear will be available in a variety of sizes and formulas. It is expected to become available in the month of April and we’ll keep you updated on the release once we know more! Please feel free to call us at 540-776-0700 if you have any questions.

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