New To Big Lick Vet – Cryosurgery!


We’re excited to announce that Big Lick Vet is now offering Cryosurgery! You might be asking yourself what exactly Cryosurgery is, so let us tell you all about it! Cyrosurgery involves the use of powerful instruments to treat benign skin lesions extremely accurately, quickly, effectively and painlessly – without anesthetic.

In a matter of seconds, we can permanently remove most common animal skin pathologies, such as warts and small skin tumors, tumors in the mouth, adenoma, perianal adenoma, ear tumors, epulides, sarcoids, aberrant or extra eyelashes (distichiasis), and more. The best part about it is that it involves no anesthetic and involves minimal stress and discomfort for our patients – and their owners! With the Cryoprobe instrument, we can treat skin problems quickly, painlessly, and at a lower cost than traditional surgical methods.

Tissue freezing is quick. Treatments only take seconds, with no anesthesia or pre- or post-op care required. The CryoProbe works with very practical disposable cartridges and emits a fine jet of nitrous oxide under high pressure. Thanks to the device’s extreme precision there is no collateral damage to healthy tissue. The CryoProbe allows treatment from a pinpoint, to 1mm, up to a width of 20mm.

Pet owners are often hesitant to put their pet under general or local anesthetic for smaller lesions on the face, nose, eyelids, ears, legs and feet. With Cryosurgery, there are no longer concerns about small masses! Pets can be in and out in just minutes and they emerge bright and bouncy, rather than having to be monitored for two to three hours. There’s no cutting or bleeding. Therefore, nothing for our patient to lick or pull on, minimizing risk of infection. The most common pathologies treated with the CryoProbe are: skin tumors, eyelid tumors, warts, papilloma, cysts, perianal and sebaceous adenoma and more.

If you’re interested in Cryosurgery for your pet, please call our office at 540-776-0700! To see more before and after pictures, please click this link:!